Pack of 3 Corpa Flora facecloths size:
23 x 23 cm (9x9 inches)

Corpa Flora Facial Cloths

  • Did you know that Bamboo is the plant with the fastest rate of growth?

    Bamboo is an exceptional renewable resource that only needs sun and rain for growth.


    SHOO-FOO cloths are made of biological bamboo cellulose which is four times more absorbent than cotton. An incomparable softness that is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and stays fresh longer.

    Who is behind SHOO-FOO?


    Quebecer of origin, trained as an ecologist and passionate of durable development, Dany Filion founded Shoo-Foo in 2006 after spending more than 10 years in China. Based in Vancouver, close to the supply of her primary material, Shoo-Foo is a Canadian brand offering a wide variety of household cloths made from organically grown bamboo. Ideal products for those who seek refined fabric that have a minimal impact on our environment.


    To see the complete Shoo-Foo collection, visit the on-line boutique at:


    Pack of 3 Corpa Flora facecloths size: 23 x 23 cm (9x9 inches)

  • "SHOO-FOO Facial Cloth: This facial cloth is SO soft and such a joy to use. It gently helps remove makeup (and the cleanser) without irritating my skin. I use it a few times before tossing it in the wash. I'm thinking about picking up a pack of three."
    by Nicole from Eco Chic Beauty Diva

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