A beauty routine that brings softness and comfort.

Lulu Hughes’ BEAUTY Routine

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  • As we have announced, the talented Lulu Hughes has become our brand ambassador, and not a day goes by without anyone asking … “What is Lulu using?” 
    So here is a gift for you, the 6 products that Lulu uses daily, within a discounted set.


    • Beauté Divine Cleansing Oil (120ml / 4oz)
    • Corpa Nutritive Body Oil (120ml / 4oz)


    • Antidote 03 Ultra-soothing with Derma-Sensitive Gatuline and German Chamomile Oils extracted by CO2, borage and wild rose seeds (30ml / 1oz)


    • 2.5% Antidote hyaluronic acid and panthenol hydration enhancer.  H (B5) Odourless formula (30ml / 1oz)
    • Rock’n Rose Microexfoliante powder (30ml / 1oz)
    • Rose Quartz Facial Roller

    The products contain less than 0.5% of essential oils, perfect for sensitive or weakened skin after cancer treatments.


  • How to use the ANTIDOTES:
    Antidote 03 and Antidote H (B5) gel are used together, mixed together in the palm of the hand. We rub the hands together, and then we apply this mixture on the whole face, around the eyes, neck and décolleté. We start by using 1 pump of each. For dry or menopausal skin, use more ANTIDOTE 03 than ANTIDOTE H (B5). For oily skin, only a few drops of Antidote 03 and 1-2 pumps Antidote H (B5) gel. It's simple! You can customize your skin care according to your skin type, changes in season, hormonal changes, and even due to taking certain medications that affect the condition of your skin.