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Our vision


“It is very important for me to formulate a TRUE nutritive and multitasking skincare line, for busy people who do not like long beauty regimens, and help them adjust to a SIMPLE and PLEASURABLE daily routine, without the unnecessary multilayering techniques.” 

Céline Champigny

Corpa Flora President

Beauty and health are becoming more interconnected as consumers are seeking optimum results in wellness, both inside and out, which includes proper nutrition, exercise and “clean” beauty products. We, at Corpa Flora, are looking for gentler and greener alternatives to conventional skincare.

HEALTHY SKIN is skin that is in HARMONY with its environment
. We are carefully formulating our products with clean and safe scientifically tested ingredients, as well as the power of natural cosmeceutical molecules (clinically-tested in vivo) like Bakuchiol, a gentler and vegan alternative to Retinol, made from babchi seeds, with the bonus of having no sensitivity to the sun.  These GREEN cosmeceutical molecules are now extracted with green technologies from natural and organic certified plants that are ethically harvested to preserve their sustainability and delicate BEAUTY.

We know that each skin type is unique, and we have a different approach based on both skin HYDRATION and NUTRITION, where you can adjust your OWN formula by determining the dosages according to your skin type, skin condition, seasonal changes, hormonal changes, medical treatments affecting your skin’s health equilibrium, or simply during life’s stressful events.

Of course, our formulas are free from toxic ingredients.

CORPA FLORA has carefully researched and studied the composition and advantages of its star ingredients (organic, natural and safe synthetic ones with scientific validations) in order to create a line of products that are healthy, nutritive and in synergy with the skin, without the presence of unhealthy substances.
Prizes and Distinctions

Corpa Flora won the Grand Prize for Best Innovation from the Canadian Beauty Group in 2014, for its camellia BEAUTÉ DIVINE Cleansing oil, which has distinguished itself in the Canadian market as a cleansing oil. It is comparable to Shu Uemura, but without mineral oil or petrochemical derivatives. BEAUTÉ DIVINE as also won the Best Facial Cleanser Prize from CLEAN CARE in 2015.

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