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Become a partner

Our promise: to assist you to develop your business, as a Corpa Flora partner!


We will help you to identify your target clientele while helping you to prepare an effective and personalized treatment menu, as well as sharing strategies for your success


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Corpa Flora - A simple, effective and humane approach


  1. Practical and effective treatment protocols

  2. Bioactives formulas created with botanical cosmeceuticals clinically validated
    to provide true results

  3. An attentive and dynamic team

  4. Loyalty cards for your clients

  5.  Trial sets and samples available


To receive more information on our brand, our facial treatments, our Serenity Program for your clients affected by cancer, or to learn more about partnering with Corpa Flora, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at
514-379-1455, a skincare professional near you will contact you very soon.


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