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Our biocellulose mask is made from a plant fiber obtained by the natural fermentation of coconut water. Impregnated with hyaluronic acid (a powerful humectant), plant-based propanediol (an active ingredient that advantageously replaces glycerine, as in our HB5 and H+ serums), coconut oil and a clinically-tested marine active ingredient derived from red algae (Gigartina Stellata), this biocompatible, nutritive mask provides an immediate tensing effect and helps smooth out irregularities in the skin's relief. Its film-forming effect helps protect skin from dehydration.


* The mask pouch is 100% recyclable and the biocellulose mask is biodegradable.


The FLORE DE PEAU mask can be used by all skin types and conditions, it's a mask that restores moisture that's out of the ordinary, it will help your clientele get through the winter!

FLORE DE PEAU facial biocellulose mask