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Welcome to CORPA FLORA

At CORPA FLORA we believe in a more global approach where we can do more with less. Beauty reduced to its most simple and natural perfection without a collection of products aimed at individual skin types or for each skin imperfection. Products that care for the skin and the environment.

Corpa Flora is:

Multifunctional products formulated with biological and ultra-nourishing ingredients that help to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium. Different life styles, changes in season, hormonal fluctuations and ageing all gradually and prematurely reduce the glow and vitality of the skin. Our products work in synergy with the skin’s structure in a natural, progressive and durable manner to restore the skin’s natural glow.

Our formulas are mostly naturally GLUTEN-FREE


Love from our clients:

“I have been using corpa flora products for a few months and was very impressed with the improvement in my skin and the way the oils penetrate, I’ve tried other oils but they only leave a film on the surface and do not nourish the skin the way these products do. One of the best attributes of corpa flora products I believe is that it gives me a choice not to put harsh chemicals on my skin and still get great results! Thank you for the great products!” Assunta


“Corpa Flora’s Beauté Divine, Camellia Cleansing Oil. Corpa Flora has turned me from sceptic to an adept believer in the oil cleansing method. I started seeing results approximately three weeks after beginning use. Thanks to this product I’ve been able to stop using makeup remover and improve my acne naturally. That’s amazing in my book.” Katleen Elie from Fashion with conscience



“Overall, I’m very impressed with this line. When I received the set my skin was in a horrible state. It was dry and breaking out really badly. This set transformed my skin by restoring much needed hydration and helped clear up my crazy breakout. I find all the products smell lovely but are in no way over powering or obnoxious.” Nicole from Eco Chic Beauty Diva

Recommended by Candice Batista from Marilyn Denis TV show