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Skin Routine F.

For combination or oily skin with light to moderate imperfections

(don't forget sunscreen!)


Cleanse in the morning and evening with Beauté Divine Camellia Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are the gentlest way to cleanse and remove make-up and highly effective for all skin types. Massage the product into dry skin for 30 seconds, then add lukewarm water a few times with the fingertips while massaging. Rinse with hands or a wet washcloth.

Morning Duo

Vitality Duo, Use Antidote 02 Vitality Facial Oil in DUO with one of our hydration serums, Antidote HB5 orAntidote H+

Adjust the dosage of these 2 formulas according to your skin's specific needs.

Evening Duo

Use the same DUO as the morning

Once A Week

Once to twice a week, use our exfoliating powder Rock’n Rose or our Caviar Rouge exfoliating enzymatic mask


Antidote HB3 0.5oz Triple action energizing eye contour serum

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