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Photo of Corpa Flora Founder Céline Champigny

Céline Champigny's
DNA Strands


Céline Champigny has worked in university research laboratories in Montreal and Toronto for over 20 years. In the late 80s, she began her career as a research assistant in molecular biology at McGill University in the Biochemistry Department. She then worked as a laboratory technician at the Calcium Lab run by Dr. David Golztman (Chief of Physicians at the Royal Victoria Hospital).


In 1994 and for the following five years, Céline joined world-renowned embryonic development biologist Dr. Janet Rossant's laboratory, one of the first laboratories in the world to demonstrate the versatility of stem cells, located at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. In 1998, she returned to McGill University and later to the McGill Breast Cancer Centre. With a deep interest in skincare and health, in 2012 she decided to establish her own company specializing in the development of topical lipid complexes.


Celine considers herself is a perfectly balanced “hybrid” between science and art. She is a creative person who is inspired by music, nature, the flora and fauna, as well as other passionate human beings. Her creativity is well-balanced by the rigour of her training in scientific research, resulting in the development of novel and effective products.

At Corpa Flora, we are proud to say that we manufacture our products in our own laboratory with our own production methods here in Montreal. Our products are developed, manufactured and packaged under the same roof and we ship directly to our customers and business partners. Every so often we collaborate with other companies, like for our biocellulose mask and we also use the services of a private laboratory to carry out all our analysis required to ensure the quality and regulatory compliance of our formulas.

Corpa Flora won the Grand Prize for Best Innovation from the Canadian Beauty Group in 2014, for its camellia BEAUTÉ DIVINE Cleansing oil, which has distinguished itself in the Canadian market as a cleansing oil. It is comparable to Shu Uemura, but without mineral oil or petrochemical derivatives. BEAUTÉ DIVINE as also won the Best Facial Cleanser Prize from CLEAN CARE in 2015.

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