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Skin Routine A.

For normal to oily skin and during pregnancy

Your skin has no particular problems, but you're looking for a simple and nutritive routine

(don't forget sunscreen!)


Cleanse in the morning + evening  with Beauté Divine Camelia Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are the gentlest way to cleanse and remove make-up and highly effective for all skin types. Massage the product into dry skin for 30 seconds, then add lukewarm water a few times with the fingertips while massaging. Rinse with hands or a wet washcloth.

Morning Duo

Use Grenadine facial oil in DUO with one of our hydration enhancing serums : Antidote HB5 or Antidote H+

Adjust the dosage of these 2 formulas according to your skin's specific needs

Evening Duo

Use Éclat Citrouille Facial Oil  in DUO with one of our oil-free hydration serums :  Antidote HB5 or Antidote H

Adjust the dosage of these 2 formulas according to your skin’s specific needs.

Once A Week

Facial exfoliation with our exfoliating powder Rock’n Rose or our Caviar Rouge exfoliating enzymatic mask

Optional once a week, use our biocellulose moisturizing mask, Flore De Peau

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