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Skin Routine B.

For sensitive skin with redness (without dryness)

A simple routine for redness-prone skin without severe dryness. Antidote 03 redness relief helps to reduce symptoms of hypersensitive skin such as redness and burning. Our unique formula contains a natural active oil from caper buds, which contains cappaprenol compounds, partly responsible for its soothing properties. Supercritical CO2 extract of german Chamomile rich in matricin is used in this complex for its remarkable calming effect. This Antidote is a good source of essential fatty acids (omega 3,6 and 9).

(don't forget your sunscreen!)


Cleanse in the evening only with Beauté Divine Pure Softness

(In the morning, cleanse skin only with lukewarm water)

Cleansing oils are the gentlest way to cleanse and remove make-up and highly effective for all skin types. Massage the product into dry skin for 30 seconds, then add lukewarm water a few times with the fingertips while massaging. Rinse with hands or a wet washcloth.

Morning Duo

Use the Serenity DUOAntidote 03 facial oil in DUO with our hydration enhancing serum, Antidote HB5
Adjust the dosage of these 2 formulas according to your skin's specific needs.

Evening Duo

Use the same DUO as in the morning, or you can substitute the Antidote 03 facial oil for Éclat Citrouille facial oil, our general nutrition formula

Once A Week

Use our biocellulose moisturizing mask, Flore De Peau once or twice a week for 4 weeks.

Once or twice a month exfoliate with our Facial exfoliation Caviar Rouge exfoliating enzymatic mask

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