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Anti-Fatique Facial Massage Roller

ROSE Quartz Roller

  • Benefits:

    Helps tighten pores

    Firms & plumps

    Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines

    Increases oxygenation of the skin

    Helps the lymphatic drainage process

    Calms redness 


    Note: Please note that the colour of the Rose Quartz Rollers may vary because it is a stone from nature and offers us its benefits in a variety of appearences from one roll to another.

  • For more optimal results, leave your roller in the refrigerator or in ice water just before the treatment.

    Use on clean skin, preferably moisturized with CORPA FLORA products, and start the massage by following the numbers on the booklet which is coming with each roll. Make 3 to 5 passes in the same place and follow the direction of the arrows to promote lymphatic drainage.


    Maintenance: To clean your roller, simply use a mild soap with lukewarm water or rubbing alcohol, wipe off immediately. 

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