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Corpa Flora

Easy to use high-performance skincare that nurtures the skin's natural flora. With just two to three of our clean products, you can provide your skin with everything it needs on a daily basis

Overwhelmed by skincare? Us too! 
That's why at Corpa Flora, we keep it simple

Our Skin Microbiota and general health are becoming more interconnected as consumers are seeking optimum results in wellness, both inside and out which includes, proper nutrition, exercise and “clean” beauty products. We, at Corpa Flora, are looking for gentler and greener alternatives to conventional skincare.

Find your perfect minimalist skincare routine

Cleansing oils are the gentlest way to cleanse and remove make-up. They are highly effective for all skin types

Natural, organic ingredients are at the forefront of our line

Corpa Flora has carefully researched the composition and advantages of its star ingredients which are organic, natural or safe synthetic that the skin can recognize, process and use efficiently . We are using also the power of clinically-tested plant-derived cosmeceutical ingredients (in vivo tested).

Corpa Flora Perfect Pairings

The beauty of our dynamic duos and combos is skincare that works better together!

The Corpa Flora range is designed to easily adapt the dosage of hydration and nutrition to all seasons, cycles and genders.

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