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Get a new look before the holidays...

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

By Céline Champigny

Here are our 3 must-have beauty tips

#1. The "soft" peel

The right product at Corpa Flora: Our CAVIAR ROUGE gentle peeling mask is a good anti-dullness formula. This gentle mask with Canadian fruits is inspired by aesthetic medicine but in a softer version that boosts the natural desquamation of the epidermis. The "new" skin that appears afterwards is more even and, above all, more luminous.

When to use this treatment? At the beginning of December, use the mask at home at least once a week.

Are you short on time and need a "last minute" solution?

Rock 'n Rose exfoliating powder can help you with the Beauté Divine cleansing oil. You can do this "mechanical" type of exfoliation 2 days before or the day before your big day.

#2. Bye bye wrinkles!

The SOS hydrating mask that plumps, nourishes, soothes and rehydrates

The right products at Corpa Flora: We suggest the use of TWO formulas, our ANTIDOTE HB5 Moisture Booster Serum combined with our brand new ANTIDOTE 04 Intensive Care Facial Oil.

Simply take about 2 pumps of ANTIDOTE HB5 gel in the palm of your hand and then add 4-5 pumps of ANTIDOTE 04 Intensive Care Facial Oil. Mix the two formulas by rubbing the hands together and then apply by massaging lightly all over the face, neck and décolleté. The application time is approximately 12 to 15 minutes. After the application time, remove the excess mask with a dry cloth. You can also cover your face with a warm wet towel during the application of the mask, then relax and let this DUO do its wonderful work. You can also use once a week especially during the winter time as a CURE, our FLORE DE PEAU biocellulose mask, which is a MUST if you do not have time to go to your esthetician.

#3. Always cleanse your face before going to bed!

The right product at Corpa Flora: The regular Beauty Divine Cleansing Oil or the version without essential oils or perfume for sensitive skin.

It can be tempting during the holiday season and after great parties to get into bed and not remove your makeup. Clogged with foundation, powder, blush, illuminator, mascara, eye shadow, and all the dirt that accumulates during the day, the skin can't breathe properly during the night and all of this only leads to blemishes and can also cause styes and infections. Cleansing your skin with our BEAUTÉ DIVINE cleansing oil, which is a one-step cleanser and makeup remover, is easy and keeps your skin healthy even during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


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