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Menopause and well-being, is it possible?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

By Chantal Côté

Teacher DEP in Aesthetic

Many books, articles, radio and television programs inform us about menopause and its effects on women's lives. This subject, which has long been taboo, is now beginning to be discussed as it is an important stage in the life of women.

The symptoms are variable; many physiological changes affect the different systems of the human body including the skeletal and muscular systems, the integumentary system (skin) and of course the endocrine changes that is to say "hormonal" which inevitably will have repercussions on the nervous system: insomnia, lack of patience, stress, anxiety etc.

Have you ever considered cosmetics as a "Wellness Solution" ? That is to say, good for your mental health ?

As an esthetician, I could talk to you about cosmetics and the effects on the skin with the active ingredients they contain...but I want to share with you the well-being that the use of cosmetic products brings on a daily basis.

For me, using skin care products morning and night is as important as brushing my teeth and eating well.

At menopause, with the hormonal changes, we can regularly experience fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and the result is often irritability or sadness. Several tips from different people are often :

- Meditation

- Physical exercise

- Yoga

- Having a moment for yourself every day

- Etc.

My moment is to take "care of my skin" and also to take "care of myself" and "my mood". This is my daily "meditation" time.

In the morning: nothing better than to start my day by cleansing and moisturizing my skin followed by a sun protection of course ! Cleansing my face involves a few maneuvers that activate blood circulation which has an impact on my complexion and waking up. The scent of the products has for me an enveloping effect and it helps to start the day smoothly. Moisturizing my skin with a a hyaluronic acid serum like Corpa Flora Antidote HB5 and a oil-based formula like the Antidote 01 Firming are beneficial actions that go beyond the benefits of the skin to start the day well. At the same time, it is a way to positively energize yourself for the day ahead.

In the evening: the skin cleansing including make-up removal step is just as beneficial. All beauticians will tell you how important it is to cleanse your skin in the evening to remove makeup and clean your face of all the impurities that have accumulated during the day. This step provides an incredible "well-being" because it also removes the stress of the day !

With a cleansing oil like Beauté Divine, our hands glide in circular motions to dissolve impurities and clean our skin while relaxing. Afterwards, applying an eye contour care and a hyaluronic acid serum (Antidote HB5) combined with a regenerative facial oil ( Antidote 02 Vitality or Éclat Citrouille night facial oil) is good for my mood, good for the skin and helps prepare for a good night's sleep !

Taking care of my skin on a daily basis is for me a step that adds to the other beneficial actions available to me to keep a good mental state and feel more energetic or calm depending on the time of day. The repercussions are positive for my skin, for me and for those around me because when we allow ourselves a little time, we are also more available for others !

Chantal xo


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