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How to gently leave your winter skin behind ?

Par Céline Champigny

The arrival of spring stimulates the skin's biological mechanisms. The skin slowly comes out of its "hibernation". Contrary to winter, in spring, it is time to decrease the dosage of facial oils used and instead increase the dosage of moisture-enhancing serums in order to create lighter emulsions with the same formulas.


Here's a little detoxifying spring routine to do at home in a gentle way. Avoid aggressive scrubs that could damage the skin, which is sometimes weakened by winter.

First, on clean skin, exfoliate with our enzymatic Caviar Rouge jelly mask.

With dry hands on a dry face, apply 3-4 pumps of our regular Beauté Divine cleansing oil (with Lemon Myrtle E.O.) and gently massage onto the face for one minute.

Next, expose the face coated with cleansing oil to a homemade steam sauna (bowl of hot water with a towel over the head) for 7 to 10 minutes. The steam will dilate the pores and the cleansing oil will help to dislodge the impurities that clog the pores. Before to rinse, make sure to massage your skin one more time in order to emulsify the oil and the water from the steam then rinse with a facial cloth few times with warm water. Delicate, reactive or blotchy skin should be avoided.

To conclude this spring detoxifying routine, let your skin breathe with little or no makeup for a few days.

A tailor-made cosmetic

At Corpa Flora we work on skin HYDRATATION with moisture-enhancing serums and skin NUTRITON with facial oils. By using TWO formulas, we can adjust the dosage of each according to the skin needs or the seasonal changes.


To detoxify the skin :

The exfoliating jelly mask CAVIAR ROUGE, a perfect exfoliating formula for all skin types. This mask immediately brings a "beautiful skin" effect.

To help plump up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles:


We offer a light, fast-absorbing formula, Antidote 01 Firming Facial Oil, our natural botox, which is an excellent daytime formula in DUO with one of our moisture-enhancing serums, Antidote HB5 or Antidote H+.

To help boost cell renewal in spring :


Our bioretinol Antidote 02 Vitality, an interesting formula to use especially in the springtime after cooler months . Again we always use it in DUO with one of our moisture-enhancing serums.

Our Antidote 02 contains 0.5% Bakuchiol and can sometimes accentuate the dryness of mature skin during the winter. Spring is therefore a very good time to add this formula to your routine and is a great facial oil for oily skin day and night.

To prepare your skin for the spring sun:

A sunscreen with SPF 50 is recommended for skin that has not been exposed to the sun during the winter. The melanocyte (the cell that pigments the skin in the epidermis) is no longer "used to" UV rays. It is therefore essential to let it adapt to these first rays gently with a high protection sun cream. It is recommended to use about 1 teaspoon for the face and neck and to repeat the application every 2 hours.


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