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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

By Caroline Dupuis

Specialized Esthetician - Teacher DEP Esthetics

Winner of the Aesthetician of the Year Award 2021 in the Best Teacher category by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques

At the dawn of the fifties (forties or less for some), with the onset of menopause, a host of physiological changes take place in a woman's body. Changes and cessation of the menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances, light sleep, hot flashes and so on. It is with a touch of nostalgia that most women realize the effects of menopause on the largest organ of our body: the skin!

The apparent signs of the effects of menopause on the skin:

- Skin dryness (loss of water and natural lipids)

- Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

- Loss of density, firmness and elasticity

- Appearance of unsightly spots

- Changes in texture and complexion

- Circulation problems (dilated capillaries - redness - swelling...)

- Increased sensitivity and fragility to bruises

- Appearance of orange peel skin (cellulite)

- Appearance of various skin anomalies or dermatoses


A consultation and a complete skin examination with a qualified esthetician will help you improve the appearance of your skin. For every need, there is cosmetology and a multitude of appropriate treatments.

In case of abnormalities, dermatoses or other interventions, they will direct you to specialists in aesthetic medicine or dermatology. If you have not already done so, it is of utmost importance to consult a dermatologist in order to be screened for potential skin cancers.


Menopause is part of the natural aging process in women. Each of us will get there and that is a fact. No one can predict illness or certain imbalances, beyond our control, that can affect our physiological homeostasis. This is a second fact!

However, we have the possibility to act on some of the extrinsic factors of skin aging. This is an undeniable fact! Adopting a healthy diet, drinking enough water, moving around, getting some fresh air, allowing ourselves time for rest and recreation, avoiding tobacco, drinking alcohol in moderation, protecting ourselves from the sun, and having an adapted skin care routine are all actions that contribute to better cellular health, and therefore to coping with biological changes in the skin.


In cosmetology, certain products and ingredients can also act as anti-aging prevention. They are numerous and diversified. Among them, it is important to adopt a care routine in harmony with the needs of our skin.

At Corpa Flora, the routine is simple.

The Cleansing step is done without drying out the skin with Corpa Flora cleansing oils

It is important to use gentle but effective exfoliants containing fruit enzymes (depending on your age, sensitivity, season and skin condition, 1X/week is often sufficient). Avoid "stripping" to regenerate!

Moisturize with hyaluronic acid serums, Antidote HB5 or H+ (depending on your needs)

Nourish with one of the Targeted Nutrition Antidote facial oils or use General Nutrition facial oils containing also essential fatty acids

Protect from the sun every day

You will find active antioxidant ingredients in Corpa Flora products such as Vitamin E (contained in certain botanical oils in their natural state), bakuchiol (a plant active ingredient contained in the seeds of the psoralea corylifolia plant or babchi, a natural substitute for retinol and an antioxidant), stabilized vitamin C, pomegranate, cranberry and raspberry seed oils which contain, among other things, ellagic acid, a polyphenol with strong antioxidant power etc.

Bioretinol, a rejuvenating treatment !

Several active ingredients exist in anti-aging skin care products on the cosmetic market. We wouldn't have enough space in a blog to list them all! I can't talk about anti-aging cosmetology without mentioning my favorite: Antidote 02.

Yes, ladies, there is indeed a plant-based ingredient that mimics the effects of retinol, without the sensitizing effects of real retinol: Bakuchiol!

I discovered this treatment product, which visibly diminishes the appearance of my fine lines, the appearance of small brown spots, brightens my complexion and is an excellent source of omegas and antioxidants. I use it in duo at night with antidote HB5, rich in hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, which meets my need for hydration. I apply a sun protection every day.

Corpa Flora, products to discover!

I would like to thank Ms. Céline Champigny for her science and her wonderful products! She is generous with her knowledge and listens to the needs of the skin, even the most fragile...

Caroline Dupuis


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