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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

ANTIDOTE 04 Intensive care

The formulation of cosmetic products for sensitive skin has been on the rise in recent years and the main characteristic of sensitive skin is inflammation. Inflammation is present in several pathologies including acne, couperose, rosacea or eczema, but also in so-called "normal" skin that simply reacts to certain ingredients in cosmetics AND/OR excessive use of different cleansing/scrubbing formulas that are not adapted and that end up altering the skin balance, its microbiota or bacterial flora which is increasingly talked about and which is essential to the health of our skin. Interestingly, researchers from California (San Diego) and the IBM company have developed a tool based on artificial intelligence capable of deducing a person's age from a sample of their bacterial flora taken from the body. (Study published on February 11, 2020 in the journal mSystems) We must learn to listen to our skin, it sends us visible signals. It may be a good idea to note observations of the product you apply to your sensitive skin, allowing you to make cause-and-effect links between the care you experience. A few months ago we called on volunteers with sensitive skin to participate in a study of an established duration of 6 weeks on the use of a new Antidote from Corpa Flora, Antidote 04 Intensive Care which is a more moisturizing and soothing facial oil that can also be used by almost all skin types that have problems related to inflammation with mild to moderate skin dryness. Today, we would like to share with you the results obtained after 6 weeks on our volunteers following the use of the Antidote 04 Intensive Care duo and our hyaluronic acid and panthenol serum, the Antidote HB5. METHODOLOGY The chosen volunteers already have dry skin with redness and have various problems such as eczema, couperose or rosacea to varying degrees that we will not evaluate because these problems are medical in nature, which is no longer in the field of cosmetics. The goal of this study is to improve the appearance of the skin. First of all, all the volunteers used morning and night 1 pump of the new facial oil, Antidote 04 Intensive Care and 1 pump of our hydration booster with hyaluronic acid, Antidote HB5. It is important to say that if this formula is commercialized, people will be able to adjust the dosage of Antidote 04 and Antidote HB5 serum according to their skin type or skin condition. For example, an oily skin will use only a few drops of Antidote 04 facial oil and 1 complete pump of Antidote HB5 gel. The volunteers had to answer different evaluation questionnaires, one before the study and after 2, 4 and 6 weeks, and also send us pictures to support their answers. We evaluated 3 specific criteria: hydration, redness and skin comfort. RESULTS


FIGURE A shows that at the beginning of the study, the volunteers had dry, dehydrated skin with redness and discomfort manifested by tightness, tingling, itching or burning. At the end of the study there is a clear improvement in skin hydration, less redness and a very clear improvement in symptoms of discomfort.


FIGURE Bshows us that already after 2 weeks of use of the Antidote 04/ Antidote HB5 duo, more than 67% of the volunteers note a very good improvement in the hydration of their skin, which however seems to stabilize at the 4th week without much improvement after 6 weeks.


FIGURE C shows us that the relief of redness on the other hand is slower, only 39.3% of the volunteers notice an improvement after 2 weeks but we see that after 4 and 6 weeks there is a constant evolution and a progressive decrease of redness but the study ended at 6 weeks, we could probably see a progressive improvement over time.


Figure Dis similar to Figure B about the hydration. It can be seen that after 2 weeks there is already a great improvement in skin discomfort but after 4 and 6 weeks there is no significant improvement. Therefore the symptoms of discomfort are strongly relieved after 2 weeks as well as hydration.

We are very happy with the results which encourages us to continue the formulation of this product. More than 88% of the volunteers would buy this moisturizing formula if it were available on the market but we still want to continue to improve certain parameters. We should commercialize this new Antidote in 2021.

Stay tuned for our novelties !!!

We would like to warmly thank all our volunteers for their participation in this study which was very precious for us and also Marina Le Lamer who is part of our Corpa Flora team and who directed this study with great success.

Corpa Flora's Team


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