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Take care of your hands during the pandemic

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

During these times, as we review our priorities as well as our responsibilities towards ourselves and others, the Corpa Flora team has put themselves to work to help you create a barrier of well-being at home. 

How do we take care of our hands during a pandemic? 

First of all, it is extremely important to wash your hands thoroughly and to follow basic instructions to limit the spread of Covid-19. However, it must be noted that excessive hygiene can alter the hydrolipidic film of the skin, which is in fact our "protective shield" against the environment, invading micro-organisms, pollution, irritants and dehydration. The skin is then exposed to micro-organisms that can cause skin dryness, sometimes leading to certain dermatoses. 

Each person has his or her own microbial identity that varies according to sex, age, lifestyle and diet. 

The skin is protected by a film of oil (lipidic) or bathed in microorganisms forming our microbial flora, and when we wash, detergents significantly affect this protective oil and also the protective microbial flora. These micro-organisms must then recolonize their territory in order to rebuild our skin’s microbiome. This process of rebuilding the natural protective barrier can be done over four to six hours following the use of a cleansing and stripping product. Four hours will be necessary for the face, which has a large number of sebaceous glands, and up to six hours for the hands, which contain very few. 

However, sometimes, with frequent daily hand washing and the use of antibacterial products, skin imbalances can become too great and the skin can no longer recover its natural balance. This leaves a breeding ground for inflammation, atopic dermatitis, or eczema! 

The right things to do to protect the health and beauty of our hands? 

Firstly, it is wise to use a washing product with a "neutral pH" without sulphates and with the least amount of essential oils possible in order not to irritate skin that has already been attacked. Adequate drying of washed and then thoroughly rinsed areas will also prevent chapping. 

It is imperative that we re-purify our hands with a lipid-rich product like our Corpa Cera+ liquid balm formula, enriched with nutritious moisturizing oils containing DEFENSIL®-PLUS, a clinically tested active ingredient that soothes skin irritation and inflammation. The lipidic film of the skin will be reinforced to cope with washing your hands numerous times.



Corpa Flora offers you this express repair treatment that can be done at home : 

After a thorough hand washing, use half a capful of Rock'n Rose exfoliating powder and add 5 pumps of Beauté Divine cleansing oil to the powder. 

Mix in the palm of your hand to make a silky smooth mixture. Use this gentle exfoliating milk in circular motions over the entire surface of the hands and the wrists for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 

Coat your hands with a generous layer of Corpa Cera+ liquid balm, focussing on the nails and cuticles before putting on a pair of cotton gloves for a few hours, or even overnight. When you wake up, we promise you incredibly soft hands that have regained comfort and optimal nutrition.


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