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"Facial oils are much more effective when used WITH water-based (aqueous) serums just like a key that fits perfectly into a lock. "

By Céline Champigny

Our skin has hydrolipidic protection which is a delicate balance of water (hydro) from sweat and water that naturally rises from the deeper layers of the skin and oil (lipidic) from sebum and other epidermal lipids.

Science shows that oil and water do not mix, but the truth is that they complement each other very well in order to preserve the hydrolipidic balance of our skin. When the protective layer of the epidermis is not balanced in water and lipids, it cannot in the long term play its role of barrier effectively, it dries, dehydrates, becomes fragile and can become uncomfortable. It should be noted that some people are born with dry skin, which is part of their genetic makeup, and certain dryness conditions are triggered by other factors such as certain medications, anti-cancer treatments, etc.

If you imagine your skin as a sponge.

A dry sponge doesn't absorb much liquid. It's surprising, but it's true. On the other hand, a wet (not soggy) sponge absorbs and holds liquids better. So, when applying this concept to your skin, a dry skin will absorb the formulas, but it will take more time, while a wet skin will absorb it much faster.

At Corpa Flora we like to work on skin nutrition with our facial oils and skin hydration with our hydration enhancer serums (water based) that contain hyaluronic acid. Our serums with hyaluronic acid, Antidote H(B5) and H+, moisturize the skin, which allows for good absorption of our facial oils and optimizes the results of our skin care formulas, just like a key that fits perfectly in its lock. We believe in this approach which is versatile, economical and requires less preservatives that can affect the skin microbiota (flora), because oils (anhydrous formulas without the presence of water) do not need preservatives, only formulas that contain water need to have a preservative to prevent the growth of microorganisms. At Corpa Flora, all our serums that contain water have been tested by an external laboratory and have passed the microbial tests.

Our approach allows people to adjust the dosage of either formula to meet their skin's daily needs without necessarily changing the skin care formulas.

How do we preserve our skin's hydrolipidic film?

#1. Do not use aggressive soaps to avoid destroying the hydrolipidic film. Our Corpa Flora cleansing oils are gentle and help to restore the hydrolipidic film which is important for the health of the epidermis.

#2. Omega and ceramides: a perfect match!

Corpa Flora facial oils contain good omega 3,5,6,7 and 9 essential fatty acids that strengthen the lipidic cement which is made up of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, which also contributes to the hydrolipidic film that is essential to the balance of our skin microbiota.


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